A Career Coaching Company to Change Your Life Perspective

Great things happen to people who make things happen for themselves.

Simon Whitfield
Gold Medal Winner, Triathlon – Canada.

What a powerful quote! I’ve seen other quotes like this as well. Most of these quotes come from quite “ordinary” women and men who have overcome various obstacles to make something great happen in their lives. It is very easy to have a “victim mentality” and list the various woes and problems that have happened to you. Your boss doesn’t understand you, your spouse is uncaring, your bills are overwhelming, your co-worker stole a project from you. You are simply a victim of circumstance and are waiting for those circumstances to change and good things to happen.

What if you changed your perspective? What if you decided to take charge of your own life and make your own change? What if you chose to rise above circumstance and make great things happen for yourself? There may very well be many negative circumstances or events happening in your life at the present moment and there may be nothing you can do to change them. However, you can change your attitude about it and find out exactly what a powerful force that can be.

Do you need a career coaching company to change your life perspective? The change can come from within and it can come from the help of a career coaching company. Identify exactly what situation is a problem for you. List precisely what it is that is holding you back with negativity. Be as precise as possible. If you’re upset because of a co-worker, what exactly are you upset about? What feelings are you having? What specific events are problematic to you? Are you upset because they took over a project or because they went behind your back to do so? Are you upset because they did a good job and you were fearful that you might not have? Explore all sides.

Next, look at what aspects of the situation you have control over and can change. If you questioned your performance, what can you do to improve it? Can you take a class or seminar to build your skills? If you had a problem with a co-worker being sneaky, can you express your feelings to him or her? Can you discuss the matter with a superior so that your responsibilities are clearly defined and the situation does not happen again?

Consider your perspective on the situation. Discuss it with a trusted friend, family member or colleague to see different points of view. Look at possible ways to change your perspective. Did the co-worker who took over a project perhaps think that she was doing you a favor and helping? Are you questioning your abilities needlessly? Look over past projects and accomplishments and see just how strong your skills are and how talented you are.

Now you’re ready to move forward. Focus on positive rather than negative. Focus on areas you can control. Take the needed actions and take personal responsibility for your actions. Others don’t control you, you control your own actions and feelings. Take the first step to put yourself firmly on the path to greatness. Make great things happen to you today!