Achievable Steps for the New Year

The New Year is traditionally the time of year when we all set goals and motivate ourselves to achieve them. A lot of people want to find a job coach during this period. It is also the time of year when the best laid plans can go awry and the best intentions can get derailed. Why is this? We try to take on the world – we are going to lose weight, then get our dream job, dream house, dream spouse, and more! Don’t get me wrong, having these goals is great! Reach for the stars! Want it all!

Let’s make sure that you achieve those goals, though. How to do that? Break things down into achievable steps so you can see immediate results that will continue to inspire and motivate you and keep you on track. Whether you find a job coach or just need motivation, here are some tips:

  • Begin with the end in mind. Pick the top 3 things that you want to accomplish in the coming year. Consider such areas as spirit, family, friends, work, health, prosperity and more.
  • From those top 3 desired accomplishments, choose a goal to achieve in the next 3 months.
  • In order to progress towards that goal, pick an action step related to your goal that you can achieve in the month of January.
  • Set a smaller goal related to that action step that is easily completed during the first week of January and do it.

You’ve taken a year-long goal and broken it down to its smallest steps. That first step in the first week of January will create momentum that will enable you to continue to follow through. This process will keep you on track to achieve all your yearly goals.

For example, losing 50 lbs can seem somewhat daunting. But losing 10 lbs in 3 months is easier to grasp. Choosing to make healthier eating choices in January is easier still. Choosing to buy a low-fat cookbook and plan a meal from it is something you can do tonight! And it’ll help you to get on the path you want and stay on it until that large goal of 50 lbs is achieved.