Coping With Financial Fears When You Make Career Changes Mid Life

Making dramatic changes in your life and even changing careers can bring many fears to the forefront of your mind. One of the biggest and most important fears for many people is the fear of losing financial security. During the holidays or if you’re thinking of making career changes mid life, changing jobs or starting your own business, fear of not having enough money to live on can hold you back for months or years.

You need a practical plan to address your concerns and meet your needs when you make career changes mid life. With proper planning and creative, “out of the box” thinking, it is entirely possible to create your own unique successful financial plan to allay your fears and put you on the path to your dream job and fulfillment in your daily life.

1. Know your current situation

Take stock of your current financial position. Know your debts, your assets and your income. Keep track of your spending so that you are aware of where your money is going.

2. Contact a professional

Find a financial planner or accountant to advise you. Talk to a trusted family member who is knowledgeable about money and financial matters.

3. Educate yourself

If you’re not familiar with financial terms, search online or at a bookstore for a basic finance/money book. Become familiar with terms and concepts. Even if you hire professionals, you still need to make the final decision and know what is happening with your money.

4. Begin a savings plan.

Ask your financial advisor for specifics but the general guideline is to have at least 3-6 months in savings to tide you over through a job change/search.

5. Ask for support

Ask family or your spouse or significant other for support. Discuss cutting back on hours or other potential solutions.

6. Consider a stepping stone job

Think about taking a job that is a step along the path to your ultimate dream job so that you’ll still have a stable income.

7. Experiment

Explore various jobs and career areas. Volunteer at some positions that interest you. Explore options within your current job. Be creative with your explorations.

8. Cut back

It seems like a simple solution but look at your budget and your income and look at areas in which you can cut back. There are many resources on and offline to assist you in saving money and still being able to enjoy living your life.