Dare to Be Great

When you look at your life, where do you see your greatness shining? Are you creating a new invention, solving an age-old problem, helping others in new ways? Greatness comes in many forms. For each person, it is something different and technology offers many variations for new techniques. It can shine when you are with your family or friends, while working, during telephone conversations or even while washing dishes. Look deep within yourself and let out the magnificence. When does everything seem to click perfectly?

Maybe you can’t decide where your true potential is centered yet. If this is a difficult question, think about what gives you pure satisfaction. Do you enjoy working with people, with tools or with ideas? If you could only choose one, which would it be? Ask yourself, Where is my greatness? Sit back, relax and close your eyes. If competition gives you a thrill, imagine that you’re heading toward the finish line in the Olympic 100 meter Dash. Though your closest competitor is a stride behind, you give it your all and exceed your previous time by several tenths of a second. Greatness isn’t only about winning a race but about striving to reach your best and then exceeding it.

Imagine all the possibilities when you dare to be great. Maybe you are skilled in getting opposing groups to come to an agreement. This is a skill used not just between family members or between management and unions; it is how nations step back from the ravages of war. The ability to help others resolve differences without losing face is a talent just as important as that of a scientist who discovers a new cure to an old disease or an inventor who develops a new device.

Whatever part of you that rises to a particular challenge, that leans forward with a sense of excitement at this unexpected opportunity is the part you must listen to for it is this inner excitement you feel that offers the potential for greatness. Whether you achieve fame or wealth may be beyond your control, but you will achieve something far more valuable in life — personal satisfaction. When you dare to be great, you will have the calm warmth of knowing that what you’ve done today you’ve done well and you’ve enjoyed the doing of it.

We deserve all the treasures life has to offer and the first step toward this destination is allowing yourself to experience your full potential, your personal greatness. If you enjoy the process of a particular activity as well as the end result you are shooting for, you may have found something worth focusing upon. James Dillet Freeman said, “Dare to be what you are meant to be and to do what you are meant to do, and life will provide you the means to do it and be it.”