Need Help Finding the Right Job for Me? Guiding Principles are a Great Place to Start

I become distracted easily with the next opportunity, I’m wandering too much without a sense of clarity, I don’t know what I want to do, I’m frustrated that I haven’t found what I desire.

The common pattern for most people is to keep choosing different jobs in different industries. Most of my clients come to me for career transition expertise after becoming tired of looking for a new career or job. They say, “I’m desperate. I need help finding the right job for me.”

My answer to all of their frustrations is to live their life from a principle-centered place. This can be done by creating guiding principles.

When you recognize and live in harmony with these guiding principles you will be doing work that aligns to your passions. People live from an external-centered place where what others think, say and do influences them more than what they want to do. This is probably why we go where the wind blows and where the opportunity presents itself. Yes, for some people it’s helpful to go where the opportunity resides, but too often what we think is an opportunity is actually something not aligned to our inner passions and gifts. The bottom line is that you are the opportunity. You are the energy. You are the power. Within your own power lies the opportunity to create a personal blueprint of your inner world. The blueprint comes from a place I call guiding principles.

Guiding principles reflect what makes you unique and powerful and also holds the truth to whatever you most want to do. You will say to yourself, “I am finding the job that is right for me”. Like the original blueprint of your home, it’s fundamentally changeless. These deep principles are truths of who you are. When these truths become actualized through guiding principles, they empower you to create and find your dream job.

The answers are already inside of you. Instead of coming from a place outside of you to find your dream job, you are coming from inside yourself. From this inside-out model, the fundamental truth will reveal the job that most aligns with you.

These guiding principles will support you in making any major changes or decisions, whether related to family, personal or work. You will come from a place of great strength and clarity once you are clear on these key principles.

As an example, one client came up with the following statement of guiding principles:

Helping vibrant people become better. Infecting people with happiness and positive energy.

Defining and assembling the elements for an individual’s balanced life.