Ignore Your Titles!

Real estate agent, lawyer, manager, salesperson – they’re all titles. We’re a culture obsessed with titles. As soon as we meet someone and learn their name, one of the first questions we ask is “What do you do?”.

Have you considered how limiting titles are? A title is simply a name attached to a group of activities. For a new perspective, throw away the title, forget the name, and look solely at the activities involved. Dissect your day to day activities at work without focusing on your title and you can find you will gain an appreciation and clarity on what it is you enjoy and how you can do more of it.

For example, if you’re in “sales”, remove the title and look at what you do. You entertain clients and build relationships. You have excellent conversation skills. You’ll gain a level of control and freedom as you look at how you can work with each activity to enjoy it more and bring more fulfillment to it. Cultivate the activities that resonate with you and work on eliminating and reducing those that leave you unsatisfied.

Find the freedom that comes from ignoring titles and focusing on activities individually.