Keep Digging for More When Choosing the Right Career

Mel Fisher is a treasure hunter who was always searching for his “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” but wound up finding it on the ocean floor and then some. On his initial expeditions all his team came away with were a few gold coins.

But like anyone 100% dedicated towards running down their dreams, Fisher believed there was more. Over the next sixteen years Fisher devoted nearly every dime and waking hour towards tracking down the elusive treasure of the Nuestra Senora de Atocha.

Of course one day his dream became reality when his divers salvaged millions of dollars worth of treasure from the sunken ship-but not without paying a heavy price. They worked long and hard with metal detectors, suffering from the adversities of their trade as they dove to investigate every metallic “hit.” Eventually their time, effort and unyielding persistence paid off. Fisher’s original find was only the tip of a treasure that transformed him into a multi-millionaire.

Like Mel Fisher, you may have dreams of what you can be, but beware of achieving only a part of those dreams. Don’t let unanswered questions or anxiety about your future, shortchange your ultimate potential. Keep digging for more when choosing the right career. Remember, your potential is an unlimited source of energy and inspiration yet to be fully discovered. Why settle for a few gold coins when an entire treasure of untapped personal fulfillment awaits you if you refuse to settle for second best?