Career Change – Lawyer Faces Layoffs, Hiring Freezes, and Closing Offices!

The workplace is changing, and you can’t afford to NOT seek fulfillment now!

Working with clients from many career fields, including career changes lawyers, I have noticed some significant trends in the job marketplace over the last 4 months. One recent development is the increase in layoffs.

  1. The Bureau of Labor & Statistics states that the number of layoffs for November are the highest in a single month since 1995.
  2. According to Reuters, hiring freezes and layoffs are happening with a majority of Fortune 500 companies.
  3. Many companies are consolidating and closing offices due to limited profitability. According to a survey conducted on behalf of Barron’s, more than a third of Internet firms will not survive this year.
  4. Personally, I conduct about 50 workshops each year. At my two most recent workshops, I’ve had double the usual number of participants. The research conducted by my staff shows me that the motivation for career change is definitely increasing.

More and more people, especially career change lawyers are ready to make the change, and find a career that is more satisfying. Why? Some may have been surprised by a layoff and some make the change voluntarily, unfulfilled by the work they do and wanting their life to align more to who they are.

I recommend that you look at your current work situation, and find ways you can:

  • Improve your current work by thinking of creative ways to enjoy it more.
  • Start your own career change. Focus on fulfillment above all else so that you can discover your unique purpose in life and find the perfect job that aligns with your passions and values

Make your commitment today. Get your support, grab momentum, gather energy, create enthusiasm and the results will show up in your life. Will you find a mentor, re-order your priorities to cultivate more balance, or take the first step by exploring how coaching can really help your fulfillment explode today?