If You Find a Career Coach You’ll Discover that Practice Turns Into Opportunity

Make no mistake about it, you’ve got to be in a position for success to happen. As someone once said, “Success doesn’t go around looking for someone to stumble upon.”

Take world-champion, basketball star Scottie Pippen for example. As a 6′ feet 2″ inches tall, 145-pound point guard playing on his high school basketball team, his prospects for playing college ball and, ultimately in the NBA, were amazingly low.

When the state campus at Monticello failed to come through with the opportunity Pippen hoped for, he ended up at the University of Central Arkansas under the tutelage of head coach Donald Dyer, as a work-study “manager.” Little did he know, Pippen was well positioned to learn and prepare himself by working out with the team and continuing his own skill-building practices.

Later, when he grew to 6′feet 8″ inches tall Pippen got his big break by making the team, averaging 23 points a game and earning a full scholarship. Even though his chances were slim, Scottie Pippen didn’t quit practicing for his dream career as a professional basketball player. His constant preparation meant being ready to capitalize when his opportunity finally arrived.

When you do something a certain way and continue doing it that way repeatedly until it becomes almost involuntary — that is a habit. As we constantly repeat activities, they can become an energy force that is increasingly difficult to change. Like Scottie Pippen, practicing some habits serves us in a positive way, giving us energy. On the other hand, some do not and instead, rob energy and opportunities from us.

Negative energy habits, just liked a blocked basketball shot, will limit you on your journey to scoring your dream job or making the job you already have your dream job. They simply will not support the future you wish to create and will serve to hold you back instead of propelling you forward. Here are four essential tips to help you get your positive energy game face on:

  1. Find a career coach or mentor to use as a sounding board.
  2. Take an honest inventory of the activities and people in your life.
  3. Ask yourself if you’re losing energy when interacting with a particular person or engaging in a specific activity.
  4. Make it an ongoing practice to remove your focus from the negative energies and increase your attention towards the positive energies and influences in your life and the ball to total career fulfillment will remain in your court.

As scholar, basketball star, and former Senator Bill Bradley reminds us that, “When you are not practicing, remember someone somewhere is practicing; and when you meet them, they will win.”