Searching Career Change Information Web Sites is One Way to Unleash The Power of Intention

The following is the true story on the establishment of the Nobel prize, which are generally considered to be the supreme awards for achievement in the arts and sciences.

Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist, made a fortune by inventing more powerful explosives and licensing the formula to governments to make weapons. Upon the death of Nobel’s brother, one misinformed newspaper accidentally printed an obituary notice for Alfred instead, identifying him as an inventor of dynamite and the man who made a fortune by enabling armies to achieve new levels of mass destruction.

Nobel was shocked to think that this was what his life would add up to, to be remembered as a merchant of death and destruction. He took his fortune and used it to establish the awards for accomplishments in various fields that greatly benefit humanity.

Because of his sacrifice and tremendous willingness to change, it is the Nobel Prize and not his explosive inventions, that Nobel is remembered for today. When Nobel was at his most “successful,” he was working against life and against peace. Then he realized what he would leave behind if that were all he did, and he gave the last part of his lifetime to turn his legacy in another direction.

So how can you follow in Nobel’s noble footsteps? What follows are eight ways to shift your power of intention to attain exactly what you want.

1.     Monitor your thoughts.

If you are questioning why you aren’t creating the results you want, look at your thoughts and words, because those express your true intention. Focus on the goal, not the obstacles that may arise.

2.     Enlist support.

Stay close to people who believe in you and remind you that you are in all power. Find three people today to remind you of where your attention needs to be directed.

3.     Use a coach.

Arrange with someone you work with you on a weekly basis to focus yourself on what you want most in your life. Consider hiring a professional coach to help you along your path to what you want. Remember, even the greatest sports professionals have a coach to guide them to new heights.

4.     Signup for seminars.

Gaining knowledge that reminds you of what you want in your life is a powerful tool for focusing your power of intention.

5.     Search change information web sites.

Get inspired by learning how others have achieved their goals by changing their careers.

6.     Create daily reminders.

Create personal notes at home or in the office that remind you where you most want to put your power of intention and inspire you to action.

7.     Set aside relaxation time.

By slowing down, quieting yourself and allowing your energies to settle, you can reinforce the sense of direction that you need to live and receive new inspiration.

8.     Make space.

Clean up your office and life so nothing limits you from knowing the right intention for your life. Some activities that you might find helpful at work are: organizing your filing system, focusing on only three major projects at a time and completing your to-do list first thing in the morning.

9.     Engage in an activity you love.

Think back on your life. What are the things you most enjoyed doing or felt the most passionate about? Try to include something you love in your life every day.

Best of all, any of these eight steps can be used at work and other spheres in your life to achieve your desired results more quickly and easily. Alfred Nobel remains a shining example of how one man redirected his power of intention to leave a positive legacy that will be remembered well beyond his lifetime.