Wondering, “Should I Change My Career to Something I Really Love?”

Are you wondering, “Is now a good time to change my career, to a job I can be more passionate about?”

Maybe it’s soaring to the stars as an astronaut or saving the lives of animals as a veterinarian? How about tracking down clues as a private investigator or directing a Hollywood mystery about one? Or maybe not so dramatic, but no less ambitious, exploring a new job opportunity within the company you’re already employed with?

No matter what you want to accomplish or where you wish to fulfill your life’s work you may have no idea of how to begin or what to do in order to make your dream job a reality.

My client asked me, “How do I change my career and find my dream job?” Perhaps the best way to help you explore the possibilities and pitfalls or to ignite and generate the enthusiastic fuel necessary to bring your dream job into fruition and practicality is to seek out a mentor.

Naturally, this process begins by finding someone who does the work you want to do. However, don’t just settle for a person who is doing what you want to do, most importantly, make sure they are truly passionate about the work they are doing.

In my coaching experience, I have come across clients who have succeeded in identifying individuals who do the type of work they are looking for, but absolutely hate it. Thus, by following their negative example they wind up thinking they would despise their potential dream job just as much.

It stands to reason that the only way to properly complete this assignment, is to find someone who is truly in love with his or her job because only they are capable of conveying the true essence of their passions–and in the process giving you the information and inspiration essential to keep your dreams alive.

Just like reviewing applicants for a vacant position, the most logical way to select the most qualified potential mentor candidate is to conduct an interview. So, of course, in order to make the most of your time with them, you’ll have to come up with some valid questions to ask such as:

What personally led you into this field?

What kind of qualifications do companies look for when filling this position?

What are your major responsibilities?

  • Is there a solid future and potential for advancement in this particular occupation?
  • What do you most enjoy about what you do and the company you work for?
  • What are the major problem areas that constantly need attention in this type of work?
  • What resources are available to help you get the job done?
  • How many hours to do you generally work in one week?
  • If you could do anything differently to advance to this level faster what would you do?

As you interview them, chances are you’ll find a part of yourself in the advice they give which in turn could be the spark that burns the dream even clearer in your mind’s eye, than you could ever have imagined by yourself. Also, it’s possible they found their job in an unconventional manner and counseling with them can help you understand how this process worked so you can replicate this procedure in order to accelerate your own career transition within your company or to a totally different job outside of it.

Finally, having a personally fulfilled mentor gives you, not just the advantage of moral support to sustain your dream, but the hope to realize it is truly possible to do what this person is doing. At the very least, this exercise may help to give you even more ideas to reshape your job to incorporate more of the qualities you crave.

But its up to you to make it happen. Start right now:

  1. List three people who have jobs you might like along with their individual job titles.
  2. List any qualities or activities about their jobs you like?
  3. Finally, come up with creative ways to incorporate these qualities/activities into the job you already have.

Not only will this increase your positive view of yourself and your capabilities, but it could also increase your profile within in the company and pave the way for a promotion when the opportunity presents itself.

Why put it off any longer? Take an action step in the positive direction by sending this article to some potential mentor candidates right now and then begin to interview all interested candidates ASAP! If you are waiting for a mentor to find you, chances are you’ll be waiting for a very long time and postponing a future with unlimited potential.