Take Advantage of Career Change Services

Humans resist change. We settle into patterns because they are familiar and reassuring. We travel the same route to work each day, we organize our lives to follow a certain routine. It’s comforting, like a well-worn pair of shoes. But sometimes we must change. The road we normally travel is under construction and suddenly we are forced to find a new path. We imagine new dangers and more risks on this new path and only after we’ve traveled it do we realize our fears were groundless in most cases. Fear is the normal reaction to change, but fear is what we must never give in to.

Making a change in your career will not be easy. But, the task is easier when you take advantage of the many career change services available to you. You can find help through a mentor or executive coach, books at the book store or articles on the Internet.

The key to changing careers is changing your mindset. My career change services will help you create the required determination and willingness to explore new ideas. But, by taking the lead, initiating the search for that which will truly satisfy you, you maintain more control over the process rather than wait for life to spring it on you by surprise. Eleanor Roosevelt saw that the President needed to be represented among the people, needed to gather information first hand on issues vital to the nation. Since his health did not allow him access to the coal mines of West Virginia and the many other areas difficult to navigate in a wheelchair, Eleanor took it upon herself to be his liaison, to hear and see first hand what the people wanted to communicate to the President. And although this was a major career change for her, she found great success and became the recognized champion for many worthy causes.

Whether you see the need to make a change and initiate it yourself or life events force you to make a change, realize that the first step is to act. Reading this material is a first step toward greater understanding. You can continue to prepare yourself for a future transition but realize you’ve already taken your first step down this new path of discovery. Keep moving forward, take joy in each day’s small successes and recognize that change is how we perceive it and how we face it. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Not in his goals, but in his transitions man is great.”