The Effectiveness of Career Coaching

In my monthly enewsletters, I try to provide insights I’ve learned from working with hundreds of clients. The effectiveness of career coaching is evident in the changes I see with my clients. And it’s always gratifying when readers can apply these “lessons learned” to their own circumstances.

For example, one of my  subscribers wrote a wonderful e-mail telling me of her journey towards her dream job. She found Fulfillment@Work and my writing inspirational and helpful. Her story illustrates important points that I think are vital to helping you progress towards your dream job. She wrote:

In part because of you, I am on my way to finding my dream job. The only reason I am on my way is because I had to realize that there was absolutely nothing I can do at my former job to make it better. I spent 21 years in the world of corporate defense law and was very good at it. But, for me, it was a completely dysfunctional world and I realized that I could no longer do what I had to do to be suited for that work in that environment.

Powerful statement, don’t you agree? How many of you feel the same way? Many people stay longer than necessary at jobs that make them fundamentally unhappy and unfulfilled. Why? Because they are good at it. I’m sure that this woman is very skilled at what she does and many of her colleagues are wondering why she’s leaving. As you get better and better at a job, you get more rewards and more recognition. This makes it much harder to leave.

Instead of focusing on your skills – what you’re good at – focus instead on what you enjoy and your gifts and talents. When you shift your focus from what you’re good at to what will serve your soul, you’ll be on the path to true fulfillment and your dream job. Don’t wait 21 years to hear this wake-up call. Notice if you’re feeling dissatisfied today and make a change. Talk to your employer about how to increase your sense of fulfillment at your current job or change your job.

These types of situations really demonstrate the effectiveness of career coaching. A coach can provide an objective perspective, ask the tough questions and make you focus on possibilities and not limitations.

In my experience, people have far more gifts and talents than they realize. A coach can help you identify and take ownership of them, which is an integral step to finding your dream job and true happiness at work.