The Island Within

If you know yourself well, you’ve discovered your likes and dislikes. Continue to do what you enjoy and you will discover an island within yourself. It is at this point that your dreams will be closer than you realize. For most people, it’s a challenging journey to delve deep inside our belief systems. Discovery comes from hard work and exploring your own essence.

How do you discover and find your passionate work? Each of us has an island within. Your personal island is found by listening to your heart. Play in this space by speaking, acting and living from a place of truth. Michael Jordan found it in sports. Margaret Mead found it in primitive societies. When you find where you feel one with the world, you will know what is right for you.

Recently, I was silently lying in bed and going to sleep, when I heard a subtle reminder for me to go and visit a 91 year old friend I hold close and dear. Instead of taking action first thing the next day to honor this quiet whisper, I added her name to my to-do list, with the intention to go and visit her later in the month. Moments, hours, days and weeks went by as I continued my busy work and personal life, without taking any steps to contact or to visit my dear friend. The subliminal message that had seemed so important that night seemed to lose its urgency as I got involved in the rigors of my daily work. Unfortunately, a few days after I thought about visiting her, she passed away, and I lost the opportunity forever.

This has become a powerful lesson for me – to honor the gentle whisper that speaks so loudly. Now, I honor it every time I hear it by taking action. Don’t wait as I did!

We often hear that we should trust our instinct, but it is difficult to distinguish between a call to action and a random thought. If you find yourself thinking about someone you care about, this is usually a call to action. The reason is that you are here in this world to touch others. Don’t lose your vision of what you are here to contribute. This is a call to give your gift. Don’t allow the distractions of life to hinder you from giving your greatest gift by touching others. We get these messages on a regular basis and we need to take time to act on them. Whom should you contact today in order to honor your instinct and give your gift?

When you stop to rest, when you step off the fast track and allow yourself to slow down, your inner voice has a chance to finally be heard. What does that voice tell you? What insights whisper upon your ear? How do you feel about that? Why? Mahatma Gandhi said, “What is Truth? A difficult question; but I have solved it for myself by saying that it is what the (voice within) tells you…”

1. Stop and rest

When we stop and get calm, we can find the truth. If you cannot rest, it’s because you are running too fast. Stop and enter the realm of serenity.

2. Guided visualization with a facilitator

Close your eyes and see your vision. This is your future.

3. Meditation: walking and sitting

Meditation calms the mind, rests the body and renews the spirit. It is one of the best ways to increase your intuition and clarify your desires.

4. Commune with nature

Trees, sunshine and all of nature’s beauty gives off energy that rejuvenates and penetrates us deeply. Touch this magical environment and experience. A new level of insight and freshness comes from being with nature.

5. Go slowly

Take things in stride. Avoid those activities that require you to hurry or move quickly. The great treasure that lies within ourselves can only be located by slowing down. Treasured insights come from slowing down and concentration.

6. Talk to a friend

A friend can awaken the spark inside your brain that taps into the creative right side. This is where your imagination and the dream realm becomes one.

7. Perspective self-talk

Speak aloud to yourself in a nurturing environment. Get to know the self that praises just how far you have come and recognizes the triumphs that are yet to be. This inside realm will give you a clear perspective on the wonderful life ahead.

8. Be in touch with your bodily senses.

Allow yourself to lie down and feel what is going on around your body. This will heighten your awareness of not only your body, but what is around and inside of you.

9. Spend time alone

Alone time allows you the space to go within. Create a retreat (a special place away from distractions) that nurtures your inner self.

10. Listen to music

Inspirational and heartfelt music has the power to heal and touch you deeply. Music stimulates the creative side of you.

11. Touch your heart

Your heart is where dreams sleep. A lot of people have difficulty moving from the mind into the heart. Decide with your heart and use your mind to reach your dreams.