The Power of Intention Generates Momentum When Requesting for Career Change

Every action starts with an idea followed by the intention to take action upon that idea. Edison may very well have first considered the idea of a steady light source because reading by oil lamp was difficult and unsatisfactory. And, if he intended to create a new light source, he may have surmised it would also be great if the light was available at the flick of a switch. The leap between idea and intention does not guarantee instant success. It took Edison several thousand tries before he successfully came up with the electric light. But success came only after he made the conscious decision to achieve/create something. The power of intention will help lead you to success. When my clients are requesting for career change, they need to understand the power of intention.

You are a powerful, magnificent, wonderful and passionate being. This is your true essence. Yet, most of us see ourselves as less. Why do we spend our days focusing on what we can’t do, who we can’t be, the challenges we won’t overcome and the dreams we won’t achieve? The answer lies in our intentions. Because of its great ability to accomplish amazing results, intention and action must be directed toward results to maximize your results. This is called the power of intention.

When I started my business, Dream Job Coaching, I felt powerful and powerless. The feelings of power occurred when I gained more clarity of my vision for my company, enjoyed the rewards of great friendships, attracted new clients from my target market, collaborated with other creative and bright coaches and organized my office space to be more efficient. I felt on top of the world. I was able to expand my dreams for the future. My power of intention was focused on this manifestation.

After this great beginning, my power of intention became redirected because of my frustration at the lack of freedom I was feeling. As my dream business took off, I had less time to devote to planning new programs and ancillary materials for my business. Once I became focused on the negative feelings, time constraints decreased my freedom. I started paying attention to the negative voices inside me, “I can’t do it. I’m not worthy of attracting all these gifts and I don’t have the power to innovate.” These voices of doubt and fear overcame the great burst of energy that I felt in the previous weeks and my productivity plummeted.

The difference between one week’s doubt and another week’s successes is where I focused my power of intention. I took my attention off my doubts and placed it on how to grow and improve my business. I generated power by taking constructive action steps. In short, I redirected my power of intention. Now, after this tough period of feeling powerful and then powerless, I believe in myself again, my dreams, and my ability to create and manifest all that I am in the world.

Changing the direction of your power of intention can change your feelings and your results. And it can provide powerful momentum when requesting for career change.

You might have the habit of allowing yourself to get caught up in negative feelings. Usually when this happens, your energy is diverted to those negative feelings and away from taking constructive steps, especially the challenging, scary ones, to attain your goals. A coach, friend or any understanding individual can offer you the support to get through the self-doubts and assist you in redirecting your power of intention toward achieving your goals.

Putting the power of intention to work means being focused on what is best for you and having a clear idea of how you’re going to achieve it. Then, once you have an objective and a strategy, take action! Action is the only way to move your desired result from being out there to reality. As one of my clients said about the power of intention, “when one focuses on achieving a particular result, and acknowledges a process leading to an objective, one fuels the process and things get done very quickly.”

Keep taking risks and moving the comfort zone beyond where you are comfortable. Notice the gifts that come your way. One day, you’ll have accomplished your dreams and realized it was the power of intention that moved you there. Henry Miller said, “The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade a grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world unto itself.”