Unshakable Confidence Leads to Finding the Right Job For Me

I recently had a newsletter subscriber email me with an interesting question. He wrote, “I realize it takes confidence when finding the right job for me. But, what’s your definition of unshakable confidence and how can one obtain it?”

Before I gave him a response, I challenged him to answer the following two questions for himself:

  • What is unshakable confidence?
  • How do you obtain unshakable confidence?

Think about these two questions. I recommend spending some time today or this week and answer these questions. You’ll learn more about yourself and how you can have unshakable confidence be apart of your daily life.

Here are my thoughts on unshakable confidence.

What is unshakable confidence?

Being clear on what you want. Having no doubt about what you want. Unshakable means that you are so clear and confident about your direction and where you want to go or what you want to do that you seem unshakable.

Think about someone you know who has unshakable confidence (perhaps a character in the movies or a person you have known in your life). This is a person who comes across as cool and confident. He or she comes from a place of strength, clarity, conviction, and an absence of doubt. Fear or confusion is not apart of their mindset. If it is, it doesn’t limit them in anyway!

How do you obtain unshakable confidence?

Gain greater clarity about who you are. Increase your self awareness. The greater your ability to know yourself, the easier it is to know what you want and have unshakable confidence. It’s the doubt about who we are that causes timid or hesitant behavior. Get support from others (peers, support group, coach, counselor) who can help you believe in yourself, what you want, and how to get it. This can help with your conviction of your ideas and the realization of them.

This is what I do for my clients. When they finish the coaching process, they have unshakable confidence in who they are and what they want.

The subscriber emailed me (after I responded to him with the above comments) and said the following:

About unshakable confidence:

…the times when you really believe you are right about something or believe you can accomplish something even when no one around you believes you can do it. You believe and never doubt yourself and your abilities and totally focus on being able to do it even when others try to talk you down and even let go believe God will let things happen and he will help you out also and wants you to succeed. So the ability to believe and not doubt yourself even when others might or situations in life are totally against you.

How do you achieve unshakable confidence?

By believing in God, I know things will work out positively in my world and environment, believing in my self, not being afraid to take a stand when I need to. Having character. I always think to myself I need to do this or get myself into this to build unshakable confidence. No program in the world can build that. I have cultivate that and harness it from within. I wish I could go through a special class and just have it. But it comes from the self.

He also said:

Yes, I have wanted to build this muscle up more and more. I continuously thirst for ways to build it up. I sometimes think taking a risk a day can do it…being confident with people and in life and actions. I also think decisive action is very important.

“Be True to Thine Own Self”