Want to Find the Right Job for You? It May be Just a Smile Away

This week, I wanted to share with you a recent experience I had that illustrated a vital point about how your attitude towards work can work wonders towards bringing you happiness in your work.

I was dining at a local Chinese restaurant and was eating my meal and doing some work when I began to notice one of the waiters. He had a big smile on his face at all times. He was saying Hi to everyone and going out of his way to be pleasant and happy. I watched him put together take-out orders, speak with the manager and talk on the phone as well as wait on people.

At all times, no matter what task he was doing or whether or not he was in view of the general public or not, he was smiling and practically bouncing around with happiness. He undertook every task with passion and did it fully and completely to the best of his ability. You could feel the effect his attitude had on the entire restaurant. All the customers were happy and in better moods as a direct result of his overflowing happiness.

Curious as to why he was doing this and what motivated him to act this way, I called him over and spoke with him. I told him I had observed him and how he was always smiling and asked him why. He responded with a smile: – – – – – I am of service. I am supposed to smile.

Whether or not he actually liked the job never came up. It was his job to be of service and to smile and make people happy and he took that responsibility very seriously. But, he was smiling not only for the customer but for himself. I’m sure that his work didn’t really feel like work but felt more like play because his attitude was so incredibly positive towards it. Did he find the right job? Yes, he did.

He also made a difference in people’s lives. How many people might have come into that restaurant that night tired, sad, angry, frustrated, etc.? And his simple act of smiling all the time turned their feelings to happiness. One man, one genuine smile, made a difference. He took his attitude towards work very seriously (or perhaps that is better phrased as very lightly) and it was able to bring himself and others happiness through his work.

If you want to find the right job for you, I challenge you this week to look at how your dream job might only be a smile away. How can your attitude be changed in one simple way that will make your job seem more like play and may even be able to affect other people in positive ways?