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After 15 years working as a physician I was burnt out and terribly unhappy. What had started as an incredibly satisfying career had morphed into a life I couldn’t imagine continuing. Unsure what to do, I found Joel and began his dream job process. His organized, calm and insightful approach helped me to discover more about myself, how things turned sour for me, and what I needed from a career to be truly happy. With the aid of Joel’s wisdom, I successfully made the biggest transition of my life’s work, to my calling. I now wake up each day excited to get to my dream job. I’m happier and more satisfied not only with my career, but with how that career fits so well into my life. I can’t recommend him strongly enough.

Jeff Ilfeld

  • No matter what your reason is for making a career change, jobs for women and men abound when you know how to leverage your unique gifts and talents. This unique assessment is a valuable tool for those who want to gain greater insight into the type of job that will bring lasting fulfillment. It could be considered the perfect career finder for people who are in a rut.

    Your responses will be sent to the Dream Job Coach for evaluation. He will provide recommendations regarding the programs best suited to help you define your dream job and be more fulfilled in your career.

    • 0-3 Yes responses: You love your work, but is it your dream job?
    • 4-7 Yes responses: You enjoy your work, but it lacks fulfillment.
    • 8-10 Yes responses: You need to find another job.
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