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Tailoring his material to target your specific needs, his other keynote and workshop topics include:

Become the Leader Others Want to Follow

The Ten Characteristics of Great Leadership

For an organization to be successful it’s vital to realize the importance of both managing and leading. Managers, however, must learn to grow, develop and think more like leaders. As every organization deals with constant and inevitable change, it’s vital for an organization’s survival and success to respond with a leadership mindset. You are able to inspire and positively challenge people by helping them overcome obstacles and look to the future.

In this presentation you will learn the value of leading and how it energizes the organization and its systems so that the culture, environment and processes can shift and innovate toward what change is demanding.

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How Do You Keep Your Stars?

Ten Ways to Help Your Employees Love Their Work

Keeping your star employees is crucial for the long-term success of your company. Recent studies identify job satisfaction as the number one factor that keeps your high performers from leaving. When these talented employees are able to do what they do best every day, they will realize their full potential and won’t desire to leave.

This presentation will show you how to implement ten sure-fire strategies designed to help the “stars” in your company experience a newfound excitement for their work and learn to love their jobs.

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Finding the Job You Need Fast

Practical Tips for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers

Find the Job You Need Fast is jam-packed with inside tips on how to survive the transition of unemployment, create a winning resume, master the interview process and, most importantly, land the job at the salary you need in less than half the time.

The secret is developing a targeted job search strategy. You’ll know exactly the company you want to work for and how to contact the person who has the power to hire you. You will learn how to gain a personal introduction inside companies and gather valuable information about job opportunities that are not listed.

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