Coaching Services

The coaching process is done primarily via telephone and email. Regular, consistent contact through email helps Joel’s clients get the support they need and encourages them to discuss issues and problems they are experiencing.

Coaching services include:

  • Three scheduled forty-minute telephone sessions each month.
  • Unlimited email support Monday-Friday. Response time is within 24 hours. This helps the client receive ongoing feedback and support throughout the week.
  • A safe, professional and confidential relationship.
  • Just-in-time support via the telephone Monday-Friday for any time-sensitive professional or personal issues.
  • Access to extensive resources, articles and content to help with professional and personal development.

Results depend on commitment and circumstances. Clients often report immediate and successful changes in both their careers and personal lives within a few weeks. To make long-term, sustainable, positive changes in behavior, the client must make a serious investment and commitment in his/her own professional development. On average, most client relationships last between six to twelve months.