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Whether you desire a more fulfilling career, are looking for a job or want to get ahead in your organization, Joel offers individual coaching that’s tailored to your unique needs and desires. With over 17 years experience in the job search and career transition field, Joel has helped thousands of people achieve greater success and personal fulfillment in their careers. His coaching services include:


Do you feel trapped in a job you hate? Wish you could pursue a more fulfilling job without sacrificing financial security? With Joel’s unique 7-Step Dream Job Career Coaching Process, you will learn how to transition smoothly and confidently from the job you’re stuck in to the job of your dreams. Even if you’re not sure what your dream job is, Joel will help


Are you one of the millions of Americans without a job? Tired of every job lead turning into a dead end? Joel’s proven 9-Step Job Search Program provides you with a defined, disciplined and structured approach to finding a job quickly and successfully. You will learn how to create a winning resume, master the interview process and land the job in less than half the time! With personal job coaching from Joel, you’ll know how to find a good job, fast—even during tough economic times.


All too often, employees feel taken advantage of because they are not paid what they’re worth. Even when you otherwise enjoy your job, a salary that does not measure up to your performance can lead to extreme job dissatisfaction. While the best way to get paid what you’re worth is to start out with a fair salary, you can take advantage of proven salary negotiation strategies to help you get the salary you deserve—even if you’re well into your career! When you sign up for personalized salary negotiation coaching with Joel Garfinkle, you will learn the skills you need to secure the starting salary or raise you deserve!


If you’re tired of being overlooked for promotions and want to increase your visibility as an executive or manager, Garfinkle Executive Coaching will help you gain confidence in your career and chart a decisive career path to maximize your potential. Garfinkle Executive Coaching provides customized coaching to help you move to higher levels of leadership in your organization. With Joel’s proven strategy for success, you’ll learn how to become the most influential business leader and effective executive possible!