What you get with Dream Job Career Coaching

The Dream Job Coaching process focuses on getting you to take positive action and increase self-awareness so that immediate and powerful results will occur. The key to getting exactly what you want from the coaching process is to stay true to what you learn during each session. You will gain new and fresh perspective, powerful solutions, valuable resources, helpful feedback and advice, and unlimited support. When you apply what you learn in each coaching session and through Joel’s personal, email support, you will gain quick and amazing results.

Coaching is done primarily via telephone and email. Regular, consistent contact through email helps you get the support you need and encourages you to discuss issues and problems you may be experiencing.

Coaching services include:

Coaching Sessions
Three forty-minute telephone coaching sessions per month. These sessions are ideal for developing and reviewing insights, concerns and questions based on what you are learning through the reading and coaching.

Email Responses
Unlimited email support Monday-Friday. Response time within 24 hours. This regular, consistent and ongoing communication helps you get the support and encouragement you need to discuss issues/challenges you experience during the dream job process.

On-the-spot Coaching
Immediate, just-in-time support via the telephone Monday through Friday for any time-sensitive issues that need to be discussed. I encourage you to call me (outside the actual coaching session) for any time-sensitive or urgent issues. I’m never more than a phone call or email message away.

Access to All of My Extensive Resources
Access to all of my development tools, learning resources, articles and content to help with your dream job process.

Confidential Relationship
A safe, professional and confidential relationship.

Results depend on commitment and circumstances. Clients often report immediate and successful changes in both their careers and personal lives within a few weeks. To make long-term, sustainable, positive changes in behavior, you must make a serious investment and commitment in your own professional development. On average, it takes two months to define your dream job and 3-4 months to land your dream job. Most client relationships last between four to six months.

Joel’s Coaching Style – A Holistic Approach

Joel’s coaching style is based on his belief that professional transformation cannot be achieved without life transformation. His holistic approach has helped many individuals enhance their lives as well as their careers. He will help you manifest major changes, leading to a better future of fulfillment professionally, personally and financially.

Joel understands that the foundation for the best coaching relationship includes:

  • Intuitive listening
  • Coachable moments
  • Constructive feedback
  • Asking thought-provoking questions
  • Identifying solutions and options
  • Creating practical action plans
  • Anticipating obstacles that might limit the plan’s success
  • Implementing the plan
  • Support through follow-up

This coaching process involves talking, listening, feedback, discussions, perspective, validation, teaching, solutions, planning, structure, exercises, strategies and resources.

Cost of Services

To learn more about the cost of the Dream Job Coaching Program, please contact Joel Garfinkle right now or send an email to him directly joel@GarfinkleExecutiveCoaching.com