Dream Job Group Coaching

There are a handful of people who have made big impacts on my life, and Joel is one of them. Ten years ago, I was a worldwide marketing manager for a large software firm in Silicon Valley. Now I own a Workplace Productivity Company.

Joel was able to pull out of me what my passions were – organization, problem solving, empathy, and curiosity. Then we had to figure out what jobs used those skills. Somewhat sadly, this is not the approach that other advisers had used with me for years. They concentrated on the skills that I had learned to make money, not the gifts that I was born with. And yes, I needed the job to be income producing. I was able to replace my income in 2 years – beginning at $0 – by starting my own business.

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What is the dream job group process?

The 7-Step Dream Job Process is totally different from traditional job search programs. It works from the inside out and focuses on the whole person instead of simply assigning random job titles to match your qualifications. Finding or creating a job that will give you the maximum level of personal fulfillment is the goal. The process has been used with great success to guide clients from the fields of law, business, high-tech, finance, consulting, medicine, education and the arts into a fulfilling career. Group Coaching is the best program available for anyone requesting for career change at any stage of professional development.

The Dream Job Coaching process focuses on the client taking action and increasing self-awareness so that immediate and powerful results will occur. The key to getting exactly what you want from the coaching process is to stay true to what you learn during each session. You will gain new and fresh perspective, powerful solutions, valuable resources, helpful feedback and advice, unlimited support and motivation for career change. When you apply what you learn in each coaching session and through Joel’s personal, email support, you will gain quick and amazing results.


Strength in Numbers

When used in a group environment, the 7-step process is even more successful for people requesting for career change. You’ll not only receive professional advice from Joel, but you’ll also learn from others participating in the Dream Job program. The level of interaction and feedback within the group is high and possibilities are expanded to new levels by having multiple perspectives to draw from.

Small Investment, Large (and Long-term) Return

Your $550.00 (per month) investment includes:

  • $179 workbook FREE (one-on-one coaching clients pay the FULL workbook fee)
  • Networking and cross learning with others in the group
  • Individual coaching during sessions
  • Being paired with a buddy to share the process and provide mutual support
  • High-level interaction, feedback and a new outlook
  • The know-how to find your dream job and recognize when to make a career change! !
  • A savings of 55% off individual coaching rates
  • A step-by-step, proven dream job process that utilizes over 100 exercises in a 200-page workbook

Who Should Participate?

You should participate if you:

  • Are unhappy in your current work.
  • Have been laid off or unemployed.
  • Are ready to leave your job.
  • Are good at something and may even excel at it, but don’t truly enjoy your work.
  • Keep putting off doing what you truly would love to do for a living.
  • Are no longer content with settling for an ordinary job and want a career that fulfills you on new levels.
  • Are ready to take the initiative to move outside your comfort zone for a fulfilling career.
  • Need motivation for the career change that you desire.
  • Want to take advantage of a professional Dream Job Coach and supportive partners of the group.
  • Would like your passion about your career and future overcome your fear of change.
  • Have the desire and inspiration to make this year extraordinary.


What does the Group Coaching experience include?

You’ll benefit from:

  • Coaching Sessions
    Three sixty-minute scheduled teleconferences per month (9 full-hour coaching sessions over three months). These sessions are ideal for developing and reviewing insights, concerns and questions based on what you are learning through the reading and coaching.
  • Email Responses
    You will receive unlimited email support Monday-Friday with a response time of less than 24 hours. This regular, consistent and ongoing communication helps you get the personal support and encouragement you need to discuss issues/challenges you experience during the dream job process.
  • Group Support
    Between phone calls, the group emails each other for insights, updates, questions, challenges and support.
  • Buddy Support System
    Buddy support system in which two people provide each other with email and phone support throughout the entire group coaching process.
  • On-The-Spot Coaching
    For any time-sensitive issues that need to be discussed, you will have access to immediate, just-in-time support via the telephone Monday through Friday. I encourage you to call me (outside the actual group teleconference session) for any time-sensitive or urgent issues. I’m never more than a phone call or email message away.
  • Access to All of My Extensive Resources
    Access to all of my development tools, learning resources, articles and content to help with your dream job process.
  • Confidential Relationship
    A safe, professional and confidential relationship.

Why does Group Coaching work?

Group Coaching works because:

  • More than 100 years of combined experience, knowledge, wisdom, and perspective from the participants (and the coach) accelerates your learning and growth so goals are achieved with less time and effort.
  • You benefit from the knowledge and experience of other like-minded participants to help you break through the personal challenges and barriers that have prevented you from finding your dream job.
  • You participate in a safe, professional and confidential learning environment where other group members respect confidentiality.
  • Individuals going through very similar stages in their careers have direct access to a coach who’s a specialist in career transitions and helping people define and land their dream job.
  • You receive extraordinary coaching for a substantially reduced investment.
  • Networking with other successful, experienced professionals who will share contacts and leverage their network to enhance your success in creating a dream job.

How can the Group Coaching process help?

The group coaching process will help you:

  • Define your dream job.
  • Create deeper meaning in your life.
  • Break out of preconceived ideas of what you can’t do.
  • Leverage your most fulfilling experiences and translate them into career opportunities.
  • Dare to be what you are meant to be.
  • Identify and overcome the barriers that block your innate gifts and talents.
  • Find fulfillment from your current work.
  • Know exactly when to make a career change.”
  • Be recognized for your talents.
  • Get paid well for what you enjoy doing.
  • Accurately assess what job satisfaction means to you.
  • Land a dream job by turning innate gifts and passions into ideal work.

What is a Group Coaching Teleconference?

The group coaching process involves regular teleconference calls with fellow participants from many different locations.

To participate, simply place a phone call to a designated number at a given time and you’ll be connected to a virtual classroom of fellow participants (your long distance carrier will charge you for the call).

How to Sign Up?

Email Joel Garfinkle to sign-up for the group coaching process at joel@GarfinkleExecutiveCoaching.com.

When is Next Group?

Each coaching session lasts for one hour. Space in each group is limited to 10 participants. Contact Joel for information on when the next group begins.