Who Can Benefit from a Job and Career Transition Coach?

Job transition coaching isn’t just for middle-aged men who are going through midlife crises (although there are a few of those). People of all ages, genders, and races can find themselves unsatisfied and unfulfilled in their current careers and in need of a change.

There are a multitude of reasons for deciding to change career paths midstream. You might be stressed, burned out, or even just bored. Maybe you always thought you’d change the world but now you’re stuck in a 9-to-5 and the only people you’ve really made a difference to are those you live and work with. Maybe you’re a teacher who doesn’t really want to work with kids anymore or an artist at heart who decided to get a degree in accounting as a back-up plan and now yearns to get out of the office and do something creative again. Whatever the reason, you’re just not happy in your current position. If this is you, don’t despair! With Joel as your job and career transition coach, you can soon join the ranks of the many successful clients Joel has helped transition to a more satisfying, more fulfilling, and often better-paying career.


Some Tell-Tale Signs that You Might Be Ready for a Career Change

  • Lack of passion. Maybe you don’t hate your job, but you don’t really love it either. Perhaps you found your position exciting at some point, but you don’t really enjoy it like you used to.
  • You’re feeling stressed or burned out. Stress and burnout are common reasons for deciding to change careers, but beware of other things that can trigger stress. Are you stressed out because you need a career change or because of problems at home? Is it the number of hours you’re working that has you feeling burned out or do you really need to transition to a completely different career?
  • You’re bored. Maybe your job requires a lot of paperwork and you’d rather be doing things or you’re in a position where you’re doing the same thing over and over. You want to find a job that provides more mental stimulation.
  • Your creativity is being stifled. You have a lot of great ideas and no outlet for them or perhaps you gave up your dream of being an artist, writer, or musician to get a “real job” and get your family off your back. But no matter how much you try to be happy with your current job, your frustration at not being able to express your creativity gets in the way.
  • Your personality is not a good fit for the job. Personality conflicts with co-workers aren’t an indicator that you’re in the wrong career. If the culture of the organization is a poor fit, you might be able to find a similar job in a different culture where you fit in better. Sometimes the problem is deeper though. A preschool teacher might have thought she loved 3-year-olds until she had to deal with 20 of them at once. Now what? It’s time for a career change.


It’s not always easy to change careers. Depending on what you want to do, you might need to go back to school or get other training. You might not even know for sure what you want to do. Joel has helped many successful clients figure out what they want to do, make a plan to complete any training they need, and learn how to use the skills they already have to give them a head start on their new careers. He can do the same for you.

Joel Has Helped…

  • A senior manager with Oracle Corporation realize her dream of becoming a successful professional organizer.
  • An owner of a two million dollar remodeling company sold his firm to pursue his dream job of teaching theater to high school students. He now teaches four classes as the school’s technical theater teacher and fine arts coordinator.
  • An operation and sales manager with an institutional trading company who became a nutritionist.
  • A senior executive whose true passion was “held hostage” by her job embark on a new path that honors the unique individual she is.
  • The Chief Strategy Officer at a small start-up land his dream job as Senior Portfolio Manager with a major bank.
  • An accountant move from her unfulfilling twelve-year career into her dream job as a successful copywriter.
  • The director of a computer software company step into a new career as a scientist.
  • A vice president with a 21-year tenure to identify his career goals, exit the company smoothly and realize his dream of becoming a writer.
  • A client move from her eight-year career with Planned Parenthood into a management consultant position with Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • A 57-year-old manager who thought he was “too old” for a career change find more fulfilling and exciting work.
  • A client make the transition from Vice President with Bank of America to his dream position in the animal resource center of a zoo.
  • A project manager who felt “invisible” in her old job to become recognized internationally for her accomplishments.
  • A director of business development convert fear and self-doubt into a deep level of confidence and self-trust enabling him to start his own business.
  • A client conduct a successful job search and secure the position of COO with a $1.1 billion company.
  • A project manager use negotiation strategies to boost her annual salary from $125,000 to $210,000.
  • A small business owner to an Ambulance Medical Care position.
  • A client move from a high-tech sales to fundraising at ADA (American Diabetes Association).

If you hate your job and are facing a career transition, coach Joel Garfinkle has a proven reputation for helping people like you determine the steps they need to take to move into their dream jobs.