Conversation Skills & Tips

Difficult Conversations, by Joel Garfinkle

Practical Tactics for Crucial Communication

Conflict at work is unavoidable. Your employees, co-workers, and supervisors won’t always see things the same way you do. Differences in opinion can lead to tension, bruised egos, and exploding tempers. Joel’s ebook, Difficult Conversations, teaches the most important conversation skill you’ll ever learn: how to handle difficult conversations while minimizing conflict and tension.

Here are some examples of situations that could be aggravated by ineffective conversation skills:

  • Janet’s perfectionism keeps her from getting her work done on time. She is so worried about getting everything just right that she frequently misses her deadlines.
  • Robert’s boss is constantly adding more to his workload, and Robert is afraid to say no. As a result, he has too much work to do and spends many long nights at the office. Having a blueprint to follow could help Robert find the courage he needs to speak to his boss about the situation.
  • You haven’t had a raise in two years. You need to speak to your manager about getting paid what you’re worth.

Difficult Conversations offers conversation tips, along with a step-by-step template you can follow whenever you need to talk to someone about an uncomfortable situation. Order your copy today and learn how to talk about touchy topics effectively—even with defensive or unpleasant co-workers.

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