Get Paid What You’re Worth

How to Negotiate a Raise or Higher Starting Salary

This book provides proven salary negotiation strategies and tips to effectively negotiate a raise or a higher salary when starting a new job. You will learn how to get paid what you are worth and to maximize your earning potential. Whether you’re considering a new job or asking for a raise, Get Paid What You’re Worth will teach you the salary negotiation strategies you need to negotiate the highest amount possible.

This book is jam-packed with insider tips, proven strategies and salary negotiation secrets, including:


  • 15 do and don’ts of negotiation.
  • 8 websites to research the market value for your position.
  • 12 ways to find the appropriate salary for your position.
  • Capitalize on the 8 best times to negotiate.


  • 10 common mistakes to avoid during the negotiation.
  • 22 proven strategies to become the #1 candidate so you can negotiate a top salary.
  • 4 effective ways to get your employer to appreciate your value.
  • 8 requirements necessary before an employer can understand what you’re really worth.



  • 15 secrets to negotiating the highest amount.
  • 8 yes’s for every no on why you deserve a raise.
  • 5 of the most common fears that make you reluctant to ask for a raise.
  • 4 things your company considers when giving a raise.
  • 52 benefits, perks and concessions to negotiate.


  • 4 ways to respond when asked about your last salary.
  • 5 proven stories that demonstrate your worth.
  • 2 ways to respond when the salary is discussed early in the conversation.
  • 10 objections to be prepared to overcome.
  • 7 ways to follow-up to get the desired amount.


  • 10 ways to get the raise or salary that feels impossible to achieve.
  • Track 16 items to present an ironclad case for a raise.
  • 5 proven techniques to implementing a salary negotiation strategy that gets the highest amount.
  • 4 questions to ask yourself to evaluate how your negotiation performance went.
  • 17 things to consider before accepting an offer.

This 10-step process will teach you how to effectively negotiate a higher salary using proven salary negotiation strategies and how to justify your desired salary by quantifying your contributions to the company.

To negotiate a raise or higher starting salary, order Get Paid What You’re Worth!

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