Getting Ahead

A Summary of the Executive Leadership Book, Getting Ahead, by Joel Garfinkle

tb-getting-aheadTwo employees put in the hours, execute excellent work, and achieve results for their company. But only one advances to the next level, while the other faces the frustration of being overlooked for a promotion once again. So, what exactly makes one person more successful than another? The answer: leveraging and applying perception, visibility, and influence better than anyone else. While some people leave the fate of their careers in someone else’s hands, others determine their future using these three critical skills.

In his book, Getting Ahead, top executive coach Joel Garfinkle reveals his signature PVI model—Perception, Visibility, and Influence. Through practical advice, true-to-life examples, and action-oriented tips, you’ll learn how to create the right image, increase your profile across your organization, and exert influence by driving change and inspiring people. Getting Ahead gives you the effective tools and tactical approaches that you can implement immediately to become an invaluable—and noticeable—resource for your company.


This leadership book for executives includes:

  • Summaries of the four steps in the perception management process to evaluate how you are perceived and change that perception, if necessary
  • A step-by-step guide for becoming a master influencer who understands the needs of executives up the ladder, empowers subordinates, and builds relationships with peers
  • Instructions on how to identify and recruit advocates who will speak up on your behalf
  • Methods to discover the mind-sets that are stunting your growth and career advancement
  • Directions on how to overcome the fear of the spotlight and look for leadership opportunities
  • The importance of speaking up, speaking first, and speaking often in meetings
  • A summary of techniques you can use to get your name circulating among higher levels of management so that others know you, see your results, and acknowledge the impact you bring to the company.

Getting Ahead will put you out in front of the competition. You’ve done the hard work; now learn how to reap the rewards. Buy this book and become the successful leader you are capable of being.

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