Holistic Career Planning Can Reveal the Real You

Michelangelo once claimed that he did not really create the figures he carved in marble. They were already set in the stone and he simply chipped away the excess so they could be seen.

This analogy is also true of many aspects of life both in the world around us and on an individual level within each of us. Look at the archeologist who painstakingly whisks away the excess debris built up over time to reveal the beautiful pottery created by an ancient society. The beauty was there all along but it was hidden beneath the residue of dirt and clay that had hardened into a protective shell. That dull outer layer didn’t form quickly. It did so gradually, over the years, eventually hiding the original and unique creation hidden below.

Another comparison is the recently renovated Sistine Chapel. Centuries of smoke, dust, and humidity had accumulated to mute the once brilliant original colors of this true masterpiece. Only after years of careful cleaning by experts to remove the buildup of accumulated grime did this work of art re-emerge in all its original glory.

Of course, when it comes to human beings, the one-of-a-kind talents and gifts within us contribute to making us the original creation we are. Although negative people and circumstances can greatly dull or tarnish our positive self image, the fact remains that there is still beauty waiting to be revealed. Just like reclaiming ancient pottery or restoring the Sistine Chapel, it simply takes someone with the right combination of knowledge, patience, skills, and tools to carefully reveal the masterpiece hidden deep inside of you.

With any masterpiece, the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. When thinking about your future and working life, holistic career planning can help to reveal the real you, Here are five effective ways to do this:

1. Start taking life in stride.

Try to avoid those activities that require you to move quickly or rush. Much like panning for gold, the greatest treasures that lie within you can only be found by slowing down and sifting through your innermost thoughts and dreams. Treasured insights come from slowing down and engaging in deep concentration and reflection.

2. Spend time in solitude.

Allowing yourself alone time will provide you with an even greater opportunity to delve deep within. Create a retreat or sanctuary that allows you to completely escape from your daily distractions and focus on your inner masterpiece.

3. Engage in perspective self talk.

Speak aloud to yourself in a nurturing environment. Get to know the part of you that praises just how far you have come and recognizes the triumphs that are yet to be. Uncovering this inside realm will give you a clear perspective of your wonderful life ahead.

4. Record your inner thoughts and feelings.

As you become more aware of what is occurring inside you, writing it down will add strength to your intuitive muscle and allow you to develop your own life-empowering treasure map that will greatly expand your ability to see beyond what you think and do every day.

5. Consult regularly with a trusted friend or mentor.

Sharing with a friend or mentor what you’ve discovered in solitude is another inspirational and time-saving way to clear even more negative debris or emotional obstacles that are keeping the person you truly want to become “out of sight” and “out of mind.” Seeking out an intuitive friend or mentor who may already have experienced what you’re experiencing or who have uncovered in themselves something similar to what you are trying to discover gives you the advantage of insight and moral support to sustain your self searching process. More importantly, it will give you the extra encouragement or hope to realize that it is truly possible to reveal the real you. However, it’s still up to you make it happen.

As a coach, holistic career planning helps my clients reveal what they are authentically meant to do for work. I see myself as an archaeologist or the restorer of unfulfilled personal expectations and lost aspirations. It is my role and goal to help each of my clients carefully chip away the accumulated residue of time, shed the negative layers of doubt and fear that may have built up around their dreams without them ever realizing it, and, little by little, help their true self emerge and shine more brightly than ever before.