Need Help on Career Change? Let Curiousity Be Your Guide

Have you ever noticed how quickly time flies when you are actively involved in something you’ve taken a new interest in? Your curiosity draws you along as you make new discoveries about this new topic, and you are completely absorbed by it. For instance, you might drive down the street and notice a flock of birds circling an unusual birdhouse in someone’s yard. Your thoughts focus on the design, and an investigation at a hardware store reveals not only the materials needed but also the designs to build a birdhouse of your own. You may never have thought about building a birdhouse before, but suddenly it piques your interest.

So if you need help on career change, let curiosity be your guide. It has the potential to lead you to new discoveries about yourself. What are you curious about? What interests or excites you? It can be something simple like building a birdhouse or something more involved. Whatever it is, let yourself research and learn more about it. Take a class or join a group that enjoys this activity or strike out on your own if necessary. You may discover new facets of this activity that you want to explore further. This, in turn, may lead you toward a lifetime career you’d never imagined before.

The key to discovering your hidden gifts is to take action on that which piques your curiosity. Don’t put it off. When you allow yourself to experience new activities you open your heart to new possibilities of what you can be. Don’t allow the day-to-day obligations you face to limit you to a life filled with only what must be done. When you have time to look back and reflect on your life, you don’t want it to be filled with regrets of what might have been.

If you need help on career change, take time to act on that which draws your curiosity. Start today. Keep a small notepad and pen in a pocket or purse. When something makes you curiosity, jot down a few key words to jog your memory later when you can spend more time developing it. It may happen when you’re standing in line at a store or while going to work. Whenever that moment strikes, you want to be able to capture the essence of it. As an example, consider the last time something captured your interest. Like lightning sparking across the sky, one idea may generate another uniquely new one and you could discover that which you’ve searched for all your life. Jot down a few key words below that encompass the basics about this curiosity and expand on them later when you have time. Barbara Stanny said, “Each of us was born with wings…(and) has the ability to go farther than we ever thought possible, to do things beyond our wildest imaginings.”