Wondering “What’s the perfect job for me?” Try Experiencing Your Greatness

When a client wonders, “What’s the perfect job for me?,” I ask them where do you see your greatness shining? Greatness can come in many forms and for each person it is something different. For example, it can shine when spending time with your family or friends, while working, during telephone conversations or even washing the dishes. Look within yourself and let the greatness within you come forward. I know that I am acting out of my greatness when I am using my gifts and doing what I love.

Do you know where your greatness or true potential lies? Maybe you are uncertain and ask yourself, “What is my greatness?” I don’t have that answer, but you do. Here’s how you experience it: Sit back, relax and close your eyes. Imagine, for example, you’re heading towards a finish line in the Olympic 50 yard dash. Though your closest competitor is a stride behind, you give it your all and beat your own personal best time by several tenths of a second. Greatness isn’t just about winning the race. It requires stretching beyond your best.

Remember we deserve only the best of what life has to offer to know whats the perfect job for me. The first step towards this moment is allowing yourself to experience your own potential, your greatness.

  • How can you be all you were meant to be professionally?
  • How can you be all you were meant to be in relationships?
  • How can you be all you were meant to be, financially?

“Dare to be what you are meant to be and to do what you are meant to do, and life will provide you the means to do it and be it.” ~ James Dillet Freeman

Success Formula

Greatness = Strengths + Joy + Stretching