Your Hobbies Can Lead You to Your Dream Job and in Choosing Right Career

I hired Joel for his Dream Job coaching process which was a very organized and directed approach to first figuring out what I loved and then applying that to a paid job. I would highly recommend him for someone trying to find their career path, or trying to confirm they are on the right one.

Anna Marx


A client contacted me to help in choosing right career. After working for a few months the current client send me this email: “As I work through the Define and Land Your Dream Job Workbook, I’m finding that I tend to be limited by thoughts that I don’t have to love my work. I’ve been taught that I shouldn’t have such high expectations of it and should perhaps focus on what I love as a hobby outside of work. Most people do this and it seems quite normal and easier than going through this process and having so many obstacles to overcome. How do I get past this?”

I think that this is a very common perception and that’s why I chose to share my response with all of my subscribers.

I responded, “First, it’s an important step that you’re aware of this now. Once you’re aware of something that’s limiting you, you now have the power to change it. As you said, many people believe that work isn’t something you should love. I disagree. Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” I completely agree with this. When you start to do something that aligns with your gifts and who you are, the outcome is enjoyment of your work.”
“Creating work that brings you fulfillment and taps into your true essence isn’t about playing it safe, but stepping into your greatness and wanting more out of life. Your comments about focusing on what you love as a hobby outside of work is a typical response , but once you embrace a hobby completely, you’ll be surprised how much it becomes a part of you and how you now can actually consider it as a possibility for full-time work. Until you do embrace it completely, it stays just a hobby and you’ll never perceive it as something you can do for a living.”

“Statistics say that 9 out of 10 people don’t enjoy their work. Imagine the positive changes that could come about if more people take that bold step forward and embark on the journey to fulfillment. The status quo is safe and familiar but it’s also very limiting and frustrating. Focus on your hobbies that you love and take it one step further. Take that fulfilling feeling and see how you can translate it and your hobbies into your dream job. If that’s still too overwhelming, take one aspect of one hobby and explore that. For example, if your hobby is painting, explore what about painting you like. If you like creating a piece of art, look at how you can bring creativity into your job. If you like the solitude of working by yourself, how can you work more independently? Your hobbies can be a great source of inspiration and a starting point for you to move towards your dream job.”

Choosing right career isn’t easy, but your hobbies is the first place to start.